Friday, July 13, 2012

The Best Investing For Me

I've been studying my success and failure for some time now and these are the best for me.
Stocks: MO (in the $20s), BA (in the $30s), DD (in the $20s). These all fluctuate wildly but always pay a nice dividend. Buy them reasonably and they will treat you right.
ETFs: Country: RSX (in the $20s), Commodity inverse DZZ (when gold is outrageous), I hope I never have to use SDS (S&P inverse) again, and if you can see the rebound SSO. These last 3 are strictly opportunistic and radical. I'm not a  buy and hold guy on ETFs. In and out it is and these are all dangerous. The Russian one is not as dangerous as the other three. Costs are cheap on ETFS.
Mutual Funds: These are buy and hold. ANCFX (93% stocks & front load), FAIRX (95% stocks), FBALX (61% stocks 32% bonds). These 3 do not have too many overlapping investments and do not include my top three stocks currently. Very good.
Specialty Funds: AMAGX (91% stocks Islamic values, I am not Islamic), SHSAX (93% Health stocks), LIGRX (77% Intermediate Term Investment Grade bonds & 15% cash).
That's the truth and what I'm stickin' to.

Friday, May 18, 2012

next mistake(s)

yeah i got caught up in the FB buzz and bought some.

AFTERWORD, MAY 23: Sing along, "Morgan Stanley, scumbag worm-meat idiots." 
Yep, the public got burned. If you are unhappy about it call your broker & register a trade dispute regarding the fact that there was no public disclosure by MS et al. on the downward revision of earnings by FB. Only extremely large (institutional for instance) investors were made aware of the downward revision, leaving the public at risk. The big shots will always try to get over. Let's make them pay this time. The big shots were selling short and pocketing your money. Again, again and again the banks are trying to cause another debacle before their last one is even over. For high paid guys they ain't smart.

WORD AFTER AFTERWORD, MAY 27: Well, even though Morgan Stanley has agreed to make their investors well (APPARENTLY AS A GOOD WILL SINCE MS did nothing wrong), it seems that protocol is not passed on to other houses. So that leaves class action litigation. Boo Hoo.

Should you sell, buy more, or go blind? None of my business, but my business is that I want full disclosure before I purchase anything. Do I still believe in FB? Doesn't matter. Right now I want my money back so that I can make a informed decision.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Pants on Fire

On 5/10/12 I was Liar Liar!

Before I get started, go read "Has Altria Become the Perfect Stock?" in the Motley Fool (Oct. 2011). Altria is.

Oh things have reversed since my last article. Our lowest point now is after the sell-off in the last few hours of trading. BAD SIGN-NO REBOUND THROUGH THE DAY'S TRADING. Bad sign, "I been down since I begin to crawl". Be afraid now.

Hey, it's still generally easy & true: Buy in October, sell in May. A few years may vary but you're making money that way. In a flat market making money is good. You can do it with stocks if you are willing to pay commissions. Commissions aren't very much at many reputable brokerage houses with online access. However, your mutual fund company won't let you buy & sell into their money market (if they even offer that option). They call that market timing and claim that it affects investors too much. Bull-it affects CEO's paychecks and guarantees. Go ahead and try it. Buy your mutual funds in October and sell them into the safer (American Funds, who I happen to like, or whatever) mutual fund's money market in May. Then rebuy the same equity funds in October again. There is no law against it. Your mutual fund company will tell you that they don't need your business very soon.
Buy and hold. It works for American Funds but not for you. Investing isn't about the investor's well-being. If it was about you, fundamental and competent market timing would be allowed and encouraged.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's the Stupid Economy

The election is about the economy?
The economy is irrelevant in the election I say.
You deal with, not dictate, the economy as it happens as President.
To try to anticipate an economic direction, especially that of a "World Economy" is fruitless for President O. or R. or G. or Q. and also is fruitless for the investor.
We currently have no problem investors, even in this May (normal) downturn. Watch the pattern here. The low point is at the open or soon thereafter. Bulls still in charge for now. Stay the course if you're in and don't bet against an election year market.
I'm so Independent I don't care which of these practically powerless guys wins. Mr. Market loves gridlock so...
CEOs run the economy stupid! Everyone else reacts!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shame on You Liars

I just heard that XOM made another 9.4 bil. in the last reported quarter. Dey still keepin dat divudund at 2% yowsers! Tanks alot! Let me tell you the familiar refrain if I must: "We continue to strive to do the best for our shareholders." Ad nauseam They All Say That, but at least Altria pays out something more than 2%. Now Exxon Mobil's CEOs will surely get no more than a 2% raise? Everything possible will be allocated to our beloved shareholders.
I'm not saying that I don't own any XOM. I'm sure that I do. I know I sold them short once and was sorry. And I'm not trying to say that Altria's CEOs are suffering because of shareholder payouts.
I'm just saying.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Gold Turns to Mold, As the World Turns, Other Randoms

Well I did the right thing and double-shorted gold at $1900/oz. Meanwhile, I lose 5K per day in stocks. Dona cara. The dollar is almighty at 2% on a ten year note?? Put mine in the toilet please at that interest.
STOCKS TUMBLE ON DOUBLE DIP FEARS. When did the recession end so that we could double down?
And what in the world does unemployment have to do with the stock market? What a load of bull. Are all of you people living in the street now in the stock market?
Corporate profits built on the back of unemployment remains a facade. Here's the truth CEOs: $ talks but it can't sing and dance unless it's dance macabre.
Problem main is that I can't buy a million shares of anything at one time-too diversified. If you got billions it's impossible to lose money, if you don't it's impossible to make money. Kinda leaves a few of us out.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Dow Still Too High

Clearly the stock market is now a rich, gambling man's game. No longer is the regular guy involved. While this is certainly dismaying, those of us still along for the ride needn't worry. The DJIA et al. will yo-yo like crazy but will always go back up. Those rich day-traders always will gamble (with our money). If you have time to wait (always 2-5 year cycles) just relax and collect distributions. The Dow still hasn't dipped to 10500, where it belongs. Let it bleed. Don't worry, be happy.
Altria is still my favorite stock. Habits don't break and can even increase in hard times. That makes dividends increase.
American Funds are still my favorite mutuals, long term. They use a team approach.
Russia is still my favorite ETF country. They play no one's games but their's and are resource loaded.
Gold is my favorite thing to short at $2500/oz. For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little golder.
Final assessment of current market gambling: It is still a better chance than slot machines. You may only lose 1/2 of your money instead of all of it. I might currently recommend blackjack over the stock market, especially single-deck. Craps is definitely favored over stocks if one knows the game. In short, the stock market (specifically growth with no distributions) is now casino gambling, a middle class addiction possibly (but not winnable). 

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